On Writing About Chronic Illness

Writing about multiple sclerosis does not always come so easily to me. Nagging thoughts tiptoe through my mind every time I merely mention it online – you’re giving it too much attention, other people are going to think you have nothing else going on…  I, regrettably, harboured my own negative perceptions of other people’s bloggingContinue reading “On Writing About Chronic Illness”

Dead Time: Notes From My Diary

Spaces separating passages signify a long break in writing due to being pulled back into a fatigue-fog, with pen held poised ready to begin again as soon as function returned. Thursday Night Searching for words, glorious words, at midnight, in bed. With fizzing feet, and aching… everything, and a blood-heavy belly. Hunting for words. ForContinue reading “Dead Time: Notes From My Diary”

‘The Broken Column’ and The Power of Art

The first, and thus far only, time that a painting has brought me to tears I was sitting in bed flicking through Frida Kahlo: Masterpieces of Art, by Julian Beecroft.  As my eyes glided over an image of The Dream (The Bed), 1940 on page 90, and settled on page 91, an unexpected bubble ofContinue reading “‘The Broken Column’ and The Power of Art”

Twelve (Non-physical) Ideas For Mental Wellbeing

I’ve seen a lot of advice on how to look after your mental health as we continue to live through this pesky pandemic, advice that more often than not leans heavily on the benefits of physical activity, exercise, movement, and spending time outdoors.  What I have as yet failed to see acknowledged (quelle surprise) isContinue reading “Twelve (Non-physical) Ideas For Mental Wellbeing”