Shades Of Grey

I awoke with the best intentions for my day this morning.  No, that’s a lie; I awoke with a foggy mind and even foggier vision, but after an hour of dozing, hydrating, and a gradual incline to sitting position, as my body began to remember how to vaguely function and my vision cleared, I formed…… Continue reading Shades Of Grey

A Farewell To Alcohol

I had been feeling good; really bloody good, by my multiple sclerosis standards.  Following targeted physiotherapy, five weeks into a six week exercise programme, and on a new 2-in-1 nerve-pain-reliever-come-serotonin-supplement (not scientifically accurate) courtesy of a consultant who knows his stuff, I was feeling sublime.  Seriously, the best I have felt for a while; even…… Continue reading A Farewell To Alcohol