Dead Time: Notes From My Diary

Dots separating passages signify a long break in writing due to being pulled back into a fatigue-fog, with pen held poised ready to begin again as soon as function returned. Thursday Night Searching for words, glorious words, at midnight, in bed. With fizzing feet, and aching… everything, and a blood-heavy belly. Hunting for words. For…… Continue reading Dead Time: Notes From My Diary

Shades Of Grey

I awoke with the best intentions for my day this morning.  No, that’s a lie; I awoke with a foggy mind and even foggier vision, but after an hour of dozing, hydrating, and a gradual incline to sitting position, as my body began to remember how to vaguely function and my vision cleared, I formed…… Continue reading Shades Of Grey

A Farewell To Alcohol

I had been feeling good; really bloody good, by my multiple sclerosis standards.  Following targeted physiotherapy, five weeks into a six week exercise programme, and on a new 2-in-1 nerve-pain-reliever-come-serotonin-supplement (not scientifically accurate) courtesy of a consultant who knows his stuff, I was feeling sublime.  Seriously, the best I have felt for a while; even…… Continue reading A Farewell To Alcohol