MS Awareness Week 2020: 7 “Hacks” For Living With MS

It’s MS awareness week, and while a certain pandemic has taken the spotlight this year, MS stops for no virus (in fact, the two make a disastrous duo). When I was trying to come up with a subject for an awareness week post, my first thought was to gather together photos of me from 2009…… Continue reading MS Awareness Week 2020: 7 “Hacks” For Living With MS


First of all I’d like to point out that MS is sometimes referred to as the “snowflake disease”, because no two people with MS will experience it the same. As the damage occurs anywhere in the brain, and down the spinal cord, symptoms vary greatly from person to person. I’m pointing this out because in…… Continue reading Invisible

What’s It Like To Have MS?

“What’s it like to have MS?” I’m sure many of my fellow PwMS (people with MS) would readily be able to answer that innocuous question. They would be able to talk about the impact that their symptoms have on their day-to-day life, the changes that have taken place since their diagnosis, how a life with…… Continue reading What’s It Like To Have MS?